Wealth Management. Done Differently.

Wealth management is a process that combines financial planning and investment management. I believe that it is essential to integrate both components to achieve financial success. My wealth management service includes the following:

Financial and Investment Planning

Helping my clients achieve their goals is my focus. I create comprehensive, goals-based plans for my clients that serve as road map to help guide all of our financial decisions. Investing is a personal endeavor. Each client plan is tailored to reflect your unique needs, family circumstances, tolerance for risk and time horizon. Clients that go through the planning process become better investors and are prepared to make much more informed decisions about their financial lives.

Investors are their own worst enemies. I believe one of my main responsibilities is to help my clients avoid making emotional decisions at the wrong time. My job is to regularly remind you of your goals, keep you focused and tune out the noise. We’re all human, and the true value of a financial advisor is to keep clients from allowing their emotions from getting in the way of making smart investment decisions.

Investment Management

My philosophy is practical and straight-forward. I don't believe in market timing (or fortune tellers). My approach is disciplined, and long term. I build portfolios with a sharp focus on asset allocation, diversification, tax-efficiency and low costs. I believe that controlling your emotions, costs and taxes, are key to help improve investment returns. Focusing on the long-term is easier said than done. I spend time to learn about your need and willingness to take risk. Your portfolio is designed so you can handle the inevitable short-term volatility without giving up on your investment plan.

All your assets are controlled by you and held in your name, with account activity reports sent directly to you from my independent, third-party custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional. I receive no compensation from TD Ameritrade Institutional. I will have limited power of attorney to execute transactions on your behalf.

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