My Investment Advisory services include Investment Management and Financial Consulting. You may elect to hire me solely for Financial Consulting or a Second Opinion.

Investment Management

  • Discretionary investment management

  • Investment tax management

  • Ongoing monitoring

  • Advice and education to save you from making costly mistakes

Financial Consulting

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Estate Planning

Second Opinion

  • Review your current portfolio

  • Correct any investment and planning errors

  • Provide a sounding board for your questions and concerns

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My Investment Philosophy

  • I don’t believe in market-timing, or other common practices that are not in your best interest. No one has the expertise to consistently predict the market’s direction or pick stocks or investment managers that will outperform.

  • I use broadly diversified, low-cost investments, and seek to reduce portfolio turnover and minimize income taxes.  

  • My clients are patient, long-term investors. I see my role as helping you stay disciplined, focused and avoid making costly mistakes.

  • As an Investment Advisory client, your assets are controlled by you and held in your name, with account activity reports sent directly to you from my firm’s independent third-party account custodian – TD Ameritrade Institutional. I receive no compensation from TD Ameritrade Institutional. I will have limited power of attorney to execute transactions on your behalf.

If you are searching for a no-obligation, seasoned second opinion on your investment portfolio, please contact me.

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