Where do you want to go?

Your life is constantly changing, and your planning needs will change and evolve along with you. As you are guided through each step of the plan creation and implementation process, you will realize a wonderful sense of accomplishment and relief. Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

As your planning takes shape, you will find answers to many important questions like:

  • Will I have enough money if I live to 105?

  • Is my investment portfolio right for me?

  • If the market really drops, will I still be able to retire?

  • Is my retirement income plan as tax efficient as it could be?

  • If I get hit by a bus tomorrow will my family be OK?

  • How do I fund my kids’ education?

  • How do I plan for long-term care?

  • How can I maximize my stock options and 401(k)?

  • How do I best transfer wealth to my children and grandchildren?

  • Can I leave my career and pursue something else I enjoy?

  • How do I plan after my divorce?

My planning process is designed to simplify and streamline your financial life, and evolve with you, as your life and needs change.


This is the first step, where we schedule a time to discuss your needs, and to see if we have a good fit.


The second step in the process where we begin working together, and take a deep dive to discover more about you, your goals and your objectives. The discovery process is robust and thorough, leaving no stone unturned. Your investment portfolio, retirement plans, insurance coverages, tax planning and estate planning as well as any additional areas are thoroughly reviewed.


This step is where it all comes together for you. Your written plan is created. Your plan will guide the management of your investment portfolio, as well as all other aspects of your planning needs and goals. Next, your plan is implemented with careful attention to detail.

Monitor and Review

Going forward your progress is measured, and your portfolio and planning are monitored and updated on a regular basis. After all, life is unpredictable and change is inevitable.

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