Your life is constantly changing, and your planning needs will change and evolve along with you. Come to Benchmark Financial  if you want a truly personalized experience that is custom tailored to you. Our planning is very robust and thorough. We leave no stone unturned. As we guide you through each step of plan creation and implementation, you will realize a wonderful sense of accomplishment and relief. Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.    

During the planning process we anticipate and answer questions such as:

Will I run out of money before I run out of time?

Ok, I think I can retire, but how do I create a smart, tax-efficient income plan?

Will a severe market decline hurt my standard of living?

What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? Will my family be OK?

What about taxes? How do I minimize the tax bite on my assets?

I just got divorced. Now what?

How do I best take advantage of my stock options, 401(k), etc..?

Does my life insurance plan makes sense? What about disability? Long-term care?

How can I pay for my kid's education?

I prefer to handle things myself- can I schedule a periodic review to check my progress/sanity?

What planning makes sense for my aging parents?

We are completely independent and try our best to eliminate conflicts of interest. The advice you receive is always smart, objective and honest. 

Sure, we could go on and on about how we are different, but it's best to discuss all of this stuff in person. So, if what we are doing sounds like what you are looking for, let's talk.